Learn to Calm Your Golf Nerves with Jack Nicklaus

Have you ever been golfing and been on a good roll, only to lose it by letting your nerves get the best of you?  Nerves can cause you to blow a whole game and no one wants that!  In this short video, learn how to calm you nerves from 18-time Major Champion, Jack Nicklaus.


GolfChannel.com:  Something low handicappers maybe have trouble with is staying on a roll, keeping the momentum going when they’re reaching numbers that they don’t normally shoot.

Jack Nicklaus:  It’s tough.

GolfChannel.com: How do you stay on it?

Jack Nicklaus:  It’s tough, you get nervous, you say “how do I keep going, how do I sustain this, how do I make this through, how do I move forward?”  So the average golfer, when they’re trying to come down the stretch, you gotta understand what you can do, what you think you can do, but don’t do it to just recklessly go after it, so one shot ruins the whole thing.  You’ve gotta play good shots, good solid shots.  You’ve gotta take advantage of what’s there.  You take advantage of a situation when it presents itself, if it doesn’t present itself, you don’t get extra risky.  You still have other shots to play, just play smart.  The average golfing golfer, I always did a couple of things;  one, I always take a deep breath.  I just sort of relax and I sit there and say, I look I around me and say “Isn’t this neat, man this is fun, this is what I’ve worked for for the last several months, to get myself in this position.”  Enjoy it and finish it.  I think you need to do that cause golf is supposed to be fun, it’s not suppose to be torture and pressure.  The pressure is what you practice for.  The pressure is what’s suppose to be the fun part of it.  So that’s what I enjoy.  I love the pressure.  I love to get in the position where I had to do something and you know; but you had to be able to prepare yourself so you could handle it.  So if you prepare yourself for thinking what works for you, if it’s a deep breath or if it’s looking back and just sort of assessing the situation or what ever it might be for you and I think that’ll help.


Guest Review From TripAdvisor

Visitor from Vancouver Island, Canada – September 2011

“Relaxing and reenergizing!”

We stayed here for 10 days with two teenagers.  What we were looking for was stress free relaxation and that’s what we got.  We stayed in a beautifully appointed two bedroom unit on the ground floor overlooking a scenic golf hole and the ocean.  The kitchen was highly functional and we loved the communal BBQ area.  Our unit was a 5 min. walk to the resort’s beach which was never crowded and always had beach chairs available.  The weather was amazing.  It doesn’t appear to ever rain in this area.

We rented a car and saw most Island sites.  Highlights were the helicopter tour from Hilo to the volcano and renting a boat and going snorkeling at Cook’s monument.

While we rarely contacted the resort staff, when we did the service was first rate.  Daily cleaning was timely and thorough.


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