Atlantis Adventures on Hawaii Island

atlantis-submarine-kona-activitiesTravelers worldwide know Hawaii Island as having one of the most magnificent coral reefs found anywhere.  Atlantis Submarines is the only undersea tour adventure of its kind on the Big Island, one that is fun, eco-friendly, educational, safe, and provides a close-up view of the island’s beautiful marine world – without getting wet.


The submarine adventure begins upon entering the 65-foot, 48-passenger sub; relax in a spacious, air-conditioned cabin with large viewing portals. Operating the most advanced passenger submarines in the world, Atlantis will take you amidst marine life and schools of tropical fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The battery-powered submarine emits no pollutants and silently descends into a natural habitat that is a frenzy of activity.


Atlantis’s experienced crew will treat you to a tour that’s entertaining and educational in the wonder of the Big Island’s marine life. You will also see two sunken shipwrecks and how nature has transformed them into artificial reef. Atlantis received the Certified Ecotour Operator Gold Status by the Hawaii Ecotourism Association in 2011 because of this artificial reef and its eco-friendly tours.