Experience Volcanic Adventure on Hawaii Island

Scientists monitor new eruptions at Hawaii volcanoHere on Hawaii Island you can expect warm breezes, sunny beaches, and plenty of time spent listening to the gentle ocean waves lap softy on Hawaiian shores. But what if you want a little more adventure? Maybe your ideal day in paradise isn’t spent drinking a daiquiri on the beautiful Hawaii oceanfront. Maybe instead, you have an un-quenched thirst for adventure! Well, fear not! Although Hawaii Island is famous for its resorts and tranquil beaches, there are plenty of thrilling activities on our Island to enjoy. And at the top of our list? Seeing a live volcano.


Booking an aerial tour of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Mt. Kilauea is an unforgettable experience. Several companies offer helicopters tours into the airspace surrounding the only active volcano in Hawaii. A flight over Mt. Kilauea allows you and your friends to see stunning, active lava flows that are completely inaccessible from the ground. The surrounding terrain is comprised of stunning natural features, formed by lava flows dating back more than thirty years. The aerial tours are full of breathtaking views that complete the perfect Hawaiian vacation.


After the helicopter tour, many companies also offer on-foot tour guides. Visitors are able to explore the rugged lava rock and extinct lava tubes, far from the reach of civilization. The on-foot guide is a starkly different perspective of Mt. Kilauea than offered by the aerial tours. In fact, the area is so powerful and raw that it almost feels prehistoric, and gives its viewers a glimpse into the unique geological history of the Hawaiian Islands.


The on-foot tours will even take you as close to the Halema’uam’u crater as the State Civil Defense apartment allows, clambering over volcanic rock and circumventing hot steam vents in order to bear witness to the most active volcano in the entire world. Sound like enough adventure for you? Afterwards, come back relax and watch the sun go down.


Photo credit reuters.com