Where to stay in Hawaii: Trust Guest Reviews

How do you decide where to stay in Hawaii on your next vacation? Every resort’s website is full of stunning pictures of the ocean, smiling people engaged in water activities or sunning majestically on a lounge chair by the pool. The hotel’s location on the island is certainly a consideration, as are their amenities but nothing speaks louder than guest reviews of the property.

In a recent study conducted by TripAdvisor, 89% of Travelers were influenced by reviews when booking their accommodations; 65% by online travel reviews and 48% by personal recommendations. Many people take to the Internet for help in choosing their vacation rental either by asking their social community for recommendations or by reading online reviews, which they perceive as less biased than the resort’s information.

It isn’t all about the 5-star reviews, travelers also want to see how staff, the concierge and management dealt with any issues that arose. Consumers don’t expect perfection, in fact, they usually regard it with suspicion but reviews that highlight exemplary service stand out.

First ClassTripAdvisor Review
Mauna Lani is a first class resort with every possible amenity you could want in a resort.

Wonderful place to stay!”  TripAdvisor Review
This place was gorgeous. As soon as we walked in my daughter and I were drop-jawed and so happy with the view!

Amazing vacation”  Yelp Review
The Mauna Lani Resort is truly paradise and heaven on earth. We had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go again.

Terrific Stay!!!TripAdvisor Review
This was a great choice for our Big Island vacation. We’ve previously stayed at the Hilton Waikaloa which is nice, but Mauna Lani Point is like home.

When you are reading reviews, keep some things in mind:
Recent Stays: you want to look at the most recent reviews to ensure that their experience will closely mirror your own. Management changes, renovations are made, staffing is corrected.

Descriptive Reviews: for a Hawaii vacation for example, see what guests have to say about the resort grounds, views and location as well as amenities, customer service and local dining recommendations.

Action Words: look for adjectives to best describe the resort such as peaceful, serene, family-friendly, fun, exciting or luxurious.