Winter Warmth Rates: Leave the Snow Behind, Fly to Hawaii

Are you sick of the winter chill? Tired of shoveling snow? You’re in luck: Mauna Lani Point is offering fantastic rates from only $270 a night through our “Hawaii’s Big Island Winter Warmth Rates” so you can escape the freezing weather! It’s time to trade your snow shovel with a floppy hat, your umbrella with whale watching, and your wool socks with a swimsuit, flip-flops, and sunglasses!

Use Hawaii’s Sun to Melt the Winter Chill Away!

It’s Time to Renew and Re-Energize

Winter is tough. Between the cold temperatures, grey skies, and the feeling that it will last forever, it can be tough to keep your spirits up during the winter and spring. If you’re feeling blue, it’s time to close our eyes and dream about your Hawaii’s Big Island Winter Warmth Vacation at Mauna Lani Point. If you’re feeling the need for renewal and re-energizing, traveling to Hawaii is just what you need. Here are a couple ways you can relax in Hawaii:

Stress Relief in the Beauty of Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best places on earth to unwind, de-stress, and relax from your busy life. Take relaxing strolls on the beach, spend the afternoon whale watching, snorkeling with tropical fish, or simply reading a good book, and finish off each perfect day taking in the magnificent sunsets of Hawaii. Hawaii is home to many natural sources of renewal that will re-energize your life during these long winter months.

Book Today: There are No Hidden Resort Fees

When you book at Mauna Lani Point and Classic Resorts, you are reserving your accommodations with the official property management company. This means a couple of things: First, there aren’t any hidden resort fees, and second, you’ll receive property services such as maintenance and daily housekeeping. In our spacious condos, you’ll have room to relax and enjoy everything Hawaii has to offer!

To book, visit or call (866) 991-6162 and book your stay today!




How to Plan Your First Trip to Hawaii | Mauna Lani Point

You have decided you will spend your vacation this year in Hawaii. You’ve never been, and when you start researching options you realize just how much Hawaii has to offer. Which islands will you visit? Where will you stay? What activities will you try? Should you stay in a hotel or a condo? The options are endless. For a first-time visitor to Hawaii, it is helpful to have some insight into where you should go, places you should stay, and the sights you must see. Here is a guide on how to plan your first trip to Hawaii that we hope you find helpful!

Step One: Choose the Island

Hawaii is composed of 8 big islands:

  • Nihau (The Forbidden Isle)
  • Oahu (The Gathering Place)
  • Molokai (The Friendly Isle)
  • Lanai (The Pineapple Island)
  • Kahoolawe (The Target Isle)
  • Maui (The Valley Isle)
  • Kauai (The Garden Isle)
  • Hawaii (The Big Island)

Each one of the islands is unique and has something different to offer for the traveler. The most commonly visited islands are Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii. The other islands are much smaller, and have fewer accommodations and sights to see.  To learn about each island and what they have to offer, visit Hawaii’s “Choose and Island” website. You will most likely fly into the Honolulu International Airport, which is located on Oahu. From there, you can take a connection, or book a flight to any of the other islands.

Step Two: Choose Your Accommodations

Once you’ve decided on the island you want to visit (or make your home-base), it is time to choose your accommodations. When considering your accommodations, here are a few things to consider:

  • How many people are you traveling with?
  • Do you want to have the ability to cook meals at home?
  • Are amenities important?
  • How much space would you like?

Talk to the people you’re traveling with to determine the answer to these questions. In most cases, the best choice is to book a condo for your accommodations. There are many benefits to a condo vs. a hotel room:



Condos have much more space than hotel rooms. For example, here at Mauna Lani Point, our condos range is size from 1,500 to 1,900 square feet, and have multiple bedrooms. More space equals more room to relax!



Hotel rooms do not usually have kitchens. Our condos are equipped with a full gourmet kitchen. This means you’ll save money by not having to eat every meal out at a restaurant. This will save you a lot of money in the long run!


Special Amenities

When you stay at a condo, you have access to special amenities. Our condos are equipped with a private lanai where you can drink your coffee in the morning, or have a meal. Also, when you stay at Mauna Lani Point, you have access to the Beach Club.

Step Three: Choose Your Activities

After you’ve chosen the island you want to visit, and the place you want to stay, the next step is to decide which activities you want to enjoy while on vacation.  Each island has something specific to offer visitors. If you make your home base Mauna Lani Point on Hawaii, the Big Island, there are countless sights to see. Here are a few examples to get you started:

No matter what island you choose to visit, where you stay, or what activities you enjoy while visiting Hawaii, we are sure you will find it magical and full of adventure. As a Hawaiian proverb wisely says:

“After all, Hawaii is the best land.”