Beginner Surfing at Pine Trees Beach Near Mauna Lani Point

If you’re looking for a beginner surfing spot, or simply an out-of-the-way picnic area, Pine Trees Beach is the best place. Because it is difficult getting to the beach, not many tourists will venture there, making it a great, remote place to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii without as many other visitors. Here are a few things to know about accessing and enjoying this fantastic beach!

Enjoy a Favorite Local’s Spot

Pine Trees Beach is beautiful: There is a wide, sandy beach that is perfect for setting up for the day. If you’re planning on spending the day, be sure to bring your surf board – the water is not good for swimming. Most visitors go to enjoy the fun, beginner surfing.

Bring the Grill

Be sure to bring your grill when you drive to Pine Trees Beach. Portable gas or charcoal grills are allowed (but no open fires). Enjoying a cookout by the ocean, as you watch the sunset, is something you will never forget.

Prepare for Off-Roading

You’ll need an off-road vehicle to access Pine Trees Beach, but the trip is well worth it. To get to the beach, head south on HI-19. Take the road towards the Natural Energy Lab (which is just past mile-marker 94).  Drive to where the road comes to a T – head south along the coast for about a mile. Use your judgement when choosing the best road – all of them lead to the same spot.

Great Beginner Surfing Close to Mauna Lani Point

When you stay at Mauna Lani Point, you have great access to some of the best beginner surfing. If you’re looking for a remote spot that is a favorite of locals, Pine Trees Beach is the best location. Plan on spending the day on the beach (you can even camp, but you’ll need to speak with the people managing the beach on your way in), surfing and enjoying the sun. In the evening, bring out the grill, and watch a stunning Hawaiian sunset. To learn about more beginner surfing spots close to your accommodations at Mauna Lani Point, speak to our customer service desk and we’ll direct you to the best spot!