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Big Island 4th of July Celebrations

Celebrating the 4th of July in Hawaii is a treat for the entire family. What better place to celebrate the birth of our nation than surrounded by the people you love in paradise? Your accommodations at Mauna Lani Point are the perfect location from which to branch out and participate in the many big island 4th of July celebrations. Here are a few of our favorite events:

4th of July Parade & Firework Extravaganza in Kona

Watch a beautiful fireworks display along Kailua-Kona town and Kailua Bay for a view you won’t forget. Catch the parade at 6pm (along Ali’I Drive), and then stay for the fireworks, which are set to start at 8pm.

Getting There: From your accommodations at Mauna Lani Point, turn right onto HI-19. Turn right onto Palani Rd, and, continue on to Ali’I Drive.

4th of July Fireworks & Events at Waikola Beach Resort

There are a couple different events taking place at Waikola Beach Resort. Head to the Kings’ Shops at 11am and you’ll find entertainment for your kids, live music, and food booth. You can also watch a rubber ducky race! Or, head to the Queens’ MarketPlace at 12pm to enjoy a carnival, live entertainment and music, and a fireworks show. Catch the fireworks show at the Waikola Bowl at 8pm – be sure to arrive by 5pm to hear the Tomi Isobe Blues Band and the United States Air Force Band of the Pacific.

Getting There: The Waikola Beach Resort is located right next door to your accommodations at Mauna Lani Point. You are a less than 10 minute drive to participate in the fun events!

Turtle Independence Day Celebration

This truly special event provides a unique way to celebrate the 4th. Every Year, the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalow releases young sea turtles (honu) that they have nurtured in their saltwater ponds. Watch the release of these beautiful creatures, and learn about them at the educational displays. This event takes place from 10:30 to 12pm, which leaves plenty of time in the evening to watch fireworks elsewhere.

Getting There: This event is held less than three miles from your accommodations at Mauna Lani Point. You just need to head north up the coast to join in on the fun.

Parker Ranch 4th of July Rodeo and Horse Races

If you’d like to see some of Hawaii’s ranching roots, head to Parker Ranch for their 55th annual 4th of July rodeo and horse races. The rodeo is a celebration of the Hawaiian cowboy (called paniolo). The doors open at 7am, and the rodeo starts at 9am. Learn more about this event here.

Getting There: The Parker Ranch is located about 30 minute away from your accommodations at Mauna Lani Point. Turn left out of the resort onto HI-19, and head towards Waimea. Turn right onto Pu’u opelu Rd and you’ve arrived!

Fireworks Blast and Celebrations at Hilo Bay

If you’d like to celebrate the 4th on the other side of Hawaii from where you’re staying, head to Hilo Bay. The Bayfront will be blocked off, and you and your family can enjoy cook-offs, games, music, food, and entertainment. The fireworks show starts at 8pm!

Getting There: The drive across the island takes less than 2 hours, and there are two different routes to consider.

Mauna Lani Point: Great Accommodations for Independence Day Celebrations

There are many different 4th of July celebrations across Hawaii. Mauna Lani Point is a great launching point for exploring the big island, and everything it has to offer. Why stay in a cramped hotel room when you can stay in a spacious condo located right off the beach? Learn more about the accommodations, and get your room booked!


Lapakahi State Historical Park: Experience Hawaii Like Hawaiians of the Past

Located a short, 30-minute drive from your accommodations at Mauna Lani Point, Lapakahi State Historical Park is a must-see during your Hawaiian vacation. The beautiful scenery and historical setting will transport you back in time. Here are a few of our favorite activities in Lapakahi State Historical Park, as well as directions on how to get there from your villas at Mauna Lani Point.

Visit Lapakahi State Historical Park in HawaiiExplore the Ruins of an Ancient Fishing Village

Lapakahi State Historical Park is the site of an ancient fishing settlement. The partially restored ruins are over 600 years old. You can take a one mile walk through the Lapakahi Village interpretive trail, which winds along the rocky coast, through the enormous park (it is over 262 acres). Along the way, you’ll see lava stone walls, and restored houses (called hale). As you take the self-guided tour, you’ll get a glimpse into what life was like 600 years ago for Native Hawaiians. You may also spot humpback whales in the water along the trail!

Visit Lapakahi State Historical Park in HawaiiExplore the Marine Life Conservation District

Located just off the shore is the Marine Life Conservation District of Lapakahi. Koai’e Cove is a rough, coral beach that provides access to the water (although swimming is discouraged). The water is teeming with marine life: nearly all nearshore specious typical of the area are represented. And, in the winter months, you may be able to spot humpback whales just off the coast!

Visit Lapakahi State Historical Park in HawaiiWhat Visitors Have to Say about the Park

Everyone who has reviewed the park has enjoyed their visit: One reviewer says it is a “very special place.” Another says he felt like he had “stumbled upon a hidden gem.” When you visit, you’ll get a glimpse of an ancient culture, and be able to see what life was like in Hawaii in the 1300’s, when the village was founded.

Getting to Lapakahi State Historical Park

If you are staying at Mauna Lani Point, it is a very short drive to the park. You’ll need to leave the resort and head north on HI 270.

When you visit Lapakahi State Historical Park, you won’t be treated to the luxury of Hawaii. Instead, you’ll get a glimpse into what life was like for native Hawaiians fishing along the rocky coast. This short drive and walk will help you feel as if you are living on the island 600 years ago!



A Day Trip to the Big Island Volcano Park from Mauna Lani Point

Traveling to Hawaii without a visit to the big island volcano park is a travesty. The volcano is magnificent: In fact, it is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. If you’re staying at Mauna Lani Point, here is all the information you need to plan a day trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Travel Time and Routes

If you’re staying on the west side of the big island, in the beautiful condos at Mauna Lani, you’ll need to plan on a drive of at most three hours. There are two different routes you can take:

  • Coastal Route: This route is indirect, but you’ll drive along the coast, which will give you beautiful views of the ocean. It takes a little under 3 hours, but you’ll enjoy much more coastal scenery (learn more about this scenic route).
  • Inland Route: The inland route will get you to the big island volcano park in just over 2 hours, so this is the best option if you want to arrive sooner. This route is beautiful as well – you’ll drive through the Hilo Forest Reserve!

Regardless of the route you take to get to the big island volcano park, keep in mind to add some extra time, as you’ll likely want to stop and explore and take pictures along the way!

Where to Go

The visitor’s center is open from 7:45 to 5:00pm daily. This is a great place to start, as you can get information, pick up trail and park maps, ask about guided tours or other special events, and learn about the best to see the lava activity. Next, choose a drive or a hike that is of interest to your group. Be sure to bring lots of water, pack good snacks, and wear sturdy hiking shoes. Avoid going off-trail, and be sure to check on current lava flow activity before you begin your hike! For a great list of things to do and see in the park (including places to eat), visit the follow site.

Visiting the Big Island Volcano Park: Enjoy the Moment

Our advice when visiting the big island volcano park is to enjoy the moment. Nothing is more magnificent than watching lava ebb and flow. This is one of nature’s most stunning gifts, and it’s incredible to sit back and watch the beauty unfold. This video captures the magic of visiting the big island volcano park perfectly:

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Big Island Condo Rentals: Ocean View Luxury at Mauna Lani Point

Imagine watching the sun dip below the surface of the ocean while sipping cocktails on your private lanai. This is one of the last sights you’ll see today, but you know that it will be the first thing you view in the morning, this time while sipping your coffee. Beach access and an ocean view are priceless when you travel to Hawaii, which is what makes Mauna Lani Point the best big island condo rentals for your next vacation.

Big Island condo rentals - book your stay today.

Spacious, Sunny Oceanfront Condos

The condos at Mauna Lani Point are luxurious, and provide sunny, ocean views. And,  when you choose big island condo rentals over a hotel, you’ll have much more space to enjoy: our condos range in size from 1,500 – 1,900 square feet, making them much more lavish and spacious than any hotel.


Countless Amenities for a Luxurious Stay

There are countless amenities at our big island condo rentals. They include a full, gourmet kitchen, washers and dryers, A/C, on and half to two baths (depending on the size of condo you choose), dining and living areas, high-speed internet accces, daily maid service, complimentary shuttle service, access to the beach club restaurant and bar, heated swimming pool, oversized Jacuzzi, entertainment pavilion (for parties!), a sauna, and access to the white sand beach for swimming, snorkeling, and watersports.


Great Snorkeling at the Resort

One of the best things about Mauna Lani Point’s luxury condos is their proximity to the beach. When you’re only a short walk from some of the best snorkeling in the area, it’s hard to complain. The area around the resort is well-known as a great place for snorkeling. According to one traveler on Fodor’s, the “best snorkeling” on the Big Island, is “up by the Mauna Lani resort. Makaiwa Bay and Honokaope Bay are superb.”

Enjoy Your Private Lanai
and Watch the Sunset

Our Big Island condo rentals have a large, private lanai, which allows you to enjoy the sunsets and ocean front views. One of the most important things to consider when travelling is the accommodations. And, when your accommodations offer stunning ocean views right from your room, your experience will be that much more enjoyable. Learn more about Mauna Lani Point and why it is the best choice for your next vacation!



How to Plan Your First Trip to Hawaii | Mauna Lani Point

You have decided you will spend your vacation this year in Hawaii. You’ve never been, and when you start researching options you realize just how much Hawaii has to offer. Which islands will you visit? Where will you stay? What activities will you try? Should you stay in a hotel or a condo? The options are endless. For a first-time visitor to Hawaii, it is helpful to have some insight into where you should go, places you should stay, and the sights you must see. Here is a guide on how to plan your first trip to Hawaii that we hope you find helpful!

Step One: Choose the Island

Hawaii is composed of 8 big islands:

  • Nihau (The Forbidden Isle)
  • Oahu (The Gathering Place)
  • Molokai (The Friendly Isle)
  • Lanai (The Pineapple Island)
  • Kahoolawe (The Target Isle)
  • Maui (The Valley Isle)
  • Kauai (The Garden Isle)
  • Hawaii (The Big Island)

Each one of the islands is unique and has something different to offer for the traveler. The most commonly visited islands are Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii. The other islands are much smaller, and have fewer accommodations and sights to see.  To learn about each island and what they have to offer, visit Hawaii’s “Choose and Island” website. You will most likely fly into the Honolulu International Airport, which is located on Oahu. From there, you can take a connection, or book a flight to any of the other islands.

Step Two: Choose Your Accommodations

Once you’ve decided on the island you want to visit (or make your home-base), it is time to choose your accommodations. When considering your accommodations, here are a few things to consider:

  • How many people are you traveling with?
  • Do you want to have the ability to cook meals at home?
  • Are amenities important?
  • How much space would you like?

Talk to the people you’re traveling with to determine the answer to these questions. In most cases, the best choice is to book a condo for your accommodations. There are many benefits to a condo vs. a hotel room:



Condos have much more space than hotel rooms. For example, here at Mauna Lani Point, our condos range is size from 1,500 to 1,900 square feet, and have multiple bedrooms. More space equals more room to relax!



Hotel rooms do not usually have kitchens. Our condos are equipped with a full gourmet kitchen. This means you’ll save money by not having to eat every meal out at a restaurant. This will save you a lot of money in the long run!


Special Amenities

When you stay at a condo, you have access to special amenities. Our condos are equipped with a private lanai where you can drink your coffee in the morning, or have a meal. Also, when you stay at Mauna Lani Point, you have access to the Beach Club.

Step Three: Choose Your Activities

After you’ve chosen the island you want to visit, and the place you want to stay, the next step is to decide which activities you want to enjoy while on vacation.  Each island has something specific to offer visitors. If you make your home base Mauna Lani Point on Hawaii, the Big Island, there are countless sights to see. Here are a few examples to get you started:

No matter what island you choose to visit, where you stay, or what activities you enjoy while visiting Hawaii, we are sure you will find it magical and full of adventure. As a Hawaiian proverb wisely says:

“After all, Hawaii is the best land.”



Mauna Lani Point Attractions: Hiking to Honoka’ope Beach

“Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.”
– Paul Theroux

There are few things as beautiful as walking or hiking on a beach in paradise. And, when you stay at Mauna Lani Point resort on the Big Island, Hawaii, you have easy access to one of the most stunning, rugged parts of this stunning place. An early morning hike among the lava fields can open your eyes to the beauty and serenity of Hawaii, and provide the added benefit of starting your day of early. Only a short hike from Mauna Lani Point is Honoka’ope Bay and a beach area. This video provides an overview of this gorgeous place:

Hiking from the Resort to the Bay

It’s very easy to access the bay and beach from the Mauna Lani Point resort. Just pick up the trail, which winds through the golf course. There is a fisherman’s trail to Honakaope that winds through the lava rock. The beach and bay area are stunning and rocky. You can snorkel there, but the water can be a bit murky. It is an excellent place to lay out your beach towel, read, swim, and keep your eyes peeled for whales. Locals love the area for free diving and fishing, so please be respectful of the area.

Mauna Lani Point:
The Best Choice for Lodging

When you visit Hawaii, it’s important that you feel comfortable at your lodgings. Mauna Lani Point is the best place for you and your family to stay while on vacation, for a few reasons:


Large Luxury Condos:

While most hotel rooms are around 400 square feet, the Mauna Lani condos are 1,500 – 1,900 square feet. The luxury condo space will feel like your home away from home.


Oceanfront Rooms:

Mauna Lani Point is an oceanfront condo rental property, so you have gorgeous, sunny views of the ocean right from where you are staying.


Many Amenities:

There are countless amenities at Mauna Lani Point. The golf courses in the area are famous for their ocean views. And, Mauna Lani Point also gives you access to free parking, free high-speed internet, a fully-equipped kitchen, and no resort fee. You also have access to a secluded, white-sandy beach cove.

Mauna Lani Point really is the best place to stay when you are visiting Hawaii. With easy access to Honoka’ope Beach, and other beautiful places in the area, you and your family will enjoy the area as much as the locals, and long to come back after you head home.

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Experience Volcanic Adventure on Hawaii Island

Scientists monitor new eruptions at Hawaii volcanoHere on Hawaii Island you can expect warm breezes, sunny beaches, and plenty of time spent listening to the gentle ocean waves lap softy on Hawaiian shores. But what if you want a little more adventure? Maybe your ideal day in paradise isn’t spent drinking a daiquiri on the beautiful Hawaii oceanfront. Maybe instead, you have an un-quenched thirst for adventure! Well, fear not! Although Hawaii Island is famous for its resorts and tranquil beaches, there are plenty of thrilling activities on our Island to enjoy. And at the top of our list? Seeing a live volcano.


Booking an aerial tour of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Mt. Kilauea is an unforgettable experience. Several companies offer helicopters tours into the airspace surrounding the only active volcano in Hawaii. A flight over Mt. Kilauea allows you and your friends to see stunning, active lava flows that are completely inaccessible from the ground. The surrounding terrain is comprised of stunning natural features, formed by lava flows dating back more than thirty years. The aerial tours are full of breathtaking views that complete the perfect Hawaiian vacation.


After the helicopter tour, many companies also offer on-foot tour guides. Visitors are able to explore the rugged lava rock and extinct lava tubes, far from the reach of civilization. The on-foot guide is a starkly different perspective of Mt. Kilauea than offered by the aerial tours. In fact, the area is so powerful and raw that it almost feels prehistoric, and gives its viewers a glimpse into the unique geological history of the Hawaiian Islands.


The on-foot tours will even take you as close to the Halema’uam’u crater as the State Civil Defense apartment allows, clambering over volcanic rock and circumventing hot steam vents in order to bear witness to the most active volcano in the entire world. Sound like enough adventure for you? Afterwards, come back relax and watch the sun go down.


Photo credit reuters.com



Atlantis Adventures on Hawaii Island

atlantis-submarine-kona-activitiesTravelers worldwide know Hawaii Island as having one of the most magnificent coral reefs found anywhere.  Atlantis Submarines is the only undersea tour adventure of its kind on the Big Island, one that is fun, eco-friendly, educational, safe, and provides a close-up view of the island’s beautiful marine world – without getting wet.


The submarine adventure begins upon entering the 65-foot, 48-passenger sub; relax in a spacious, air-conditioned cabin with large viewing portals. Operating the most advanced passenger submarines in the world, Atlantis will take you amidst marine life and schools of tropical fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The battery-powered submarine emits no pollutants and silently descends into a natural habitat that is a frenzy of activity.


Atlantis’s experienced crew will treat you to a tour that’s entertaining and educational in the wonder of the Big Island’s marine life. You will also see two sunken shipwrecks and how nature has transformed them into artificial reef. Atlantis received the Certified Ecotour Operator Gold Status by the Hawaii Ecotourism Association in 2011 because of this artificial reef and its eco-friendly tours.





Discover the wonder of the Big Island’s volcanos


Did you know that Hawaii Island isn’t just big but it is still growing? The “youngest” island in the Hawaiian chain is the Island of Hawaii but it is also the largest – giving it the name “the Big Island”. The Big Island is home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes – Kilauea. Kilauea volcano is one of the most active volcanoes on earth and currently produces 250,000 – 650,000 cubic yards of lava per day enough to resurface a 20-mile-long, two-lane road daily. As of January 1994, over 490 acres of new land has been created by Kilauea. The current eruption may last another 100 years or stop tomorrow. Pele, the volcano goddess who lives here, is very unpredictable. But the chance to watch Kilauea’s blistering lava flows meet the sea is just one of the reasons to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Founded in 1916, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park encompasses 333,000 acres from the summit of Maunaloa to the sea. Here you’ll find 150 miles of hiking trails through volcanic craters, scalded deserts and rainforests as well as a museum, petroglyphs, a walk-in lava tube and two active volcanoes: Maunaloa, which last erupted in 1984 and Kilauea which has been erupting since January 3rd, 1983. The extraordinary natural diversity of the park was recognized in 1980 when it was named a World Biosphere site by UNESCO and in 1987 when the park was again honored as a World Heritage site.

The chance to witness the primal process of creation and destruction make this park one of the most popular visitor attractions in Hawaii and a sacred place for Native Hawaiians.

Some article copy provided by our friends at Hawaii Tourism Authority


Celebrate Queen Liliuokalani’s Birthday

Queen Liliuokalani was Hawaii’s last monarch, reigning until the monarchy was abolished in 1893.

Most beloved, each year her birthday is celebrated with an incredible festival, He Halia Aloha No Ka Queen Liliuokalani, which is held in the Liliuokalani Gardens, a Japanese-style gardens in Hilo which was named for her.

There will be hula demonstrations and traditional Hawaiian music.  Held in Hilo, about an hour drive from the Resort, this is one birthday celebration you will remember forever.

Where:  Liliuokalani Gardens, Banyan Drive, Hilo, Hawaii
When: September 8, 2012, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
For more information, please call: 808-961-8706