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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Hawaii: Enjoy the Sun and Waves at Mauna Lani Point

Hawaii is the destination for adventurers from all over the world. Hawaii’s white, sandy beaches, dense rain forests, cascading waterfalls, and stunning ocean views are a veritable playground for people of all ages. One of the best activities to try during your stay at Mauna Lani Point is paddle boarding: There’s nothing quite like skimming above crystal-clear water, looking down on the wildlife below, and feeling the warm sun on your back. And, stand up paddle boarding in Hawaii is for everyone: It’s a great choice for beginners and the experienced alike. Here are a few tips for people looking to enjoy Hawaii on the water this year.

What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

You likely have heard of stand up paddle boarding: It has become very popular in the last 10 years, but has much older origins. No one knows when it originated: Ancient cultures have used canoes they propelled with paddles while standing up for many purposes – for battle, hunting, and transportation. Hawaii plays a role in its history as well. In 1778, when Captain James Cook first sailed to the Hawaiian Islands, he saw the first surfers – native Hawaiians surfed the waves, often using paddles to propel themselves forward. Today, people from all walks of life enjoy standing up on their board, and exploring the coves, inlets, and beaches of Hawaii.

Fun for All

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world. This is likely because a), it is a ton of fun, b). it’s a great workout, and c). it’s easy to learn, so anyone can do it! The best part about paddle boarding is that you can get started easily. Everyone in the family can rent or share a board, and get out and enjoy the sun and waves.

SUP Rentals: Where to Go

There are many places where you can rent a stand up paddle board near your condo at Mauna Lani Point. One of our favorite rental options is Hilo SUP Rentals. They are located a 4-minute drive from your accommodations at Mauna Lani Point. The local shop is owned by Jun and Sarah, and offers SUP rentals as well as lessons! For additional options, stop by our guest services desk to learn more.


The Stand Up World Tour Comes Home To Hawaii

One of the fastest growing activities on the islands is stand up paddling.  It is a relatively new hybrid sport of surfing and paddling.
Stand Up World Tour
In 2009 the Stand Up World Tour was established to address the growth in the sport and to provide its premier athletes with an international platform on which to compete for the official World Championship Title.  The Stand Up World Tour show now reaches 220 countries on 170 networks.
The Waterman League has announced the exciting news that the Stand Up World Tour will be coming home to the Big Island of Hawaii, for the final event of the year.  The Hawaii Island Finals will take place from December 10th through December 19th in Hilo at Honolii Bay and various other venues.  This week long competition of athletes from many nations will include clinics, musical festival and press, cultural and educational events.  Admission is free for spectators.

An open race will be held on Sunday, December 19th and is open to everyone.  To enter email your name, email address, age and where you are coming from to: race@watermanleague.com. With the Top 24 confirmed and over 40 athletes already entered into the trials, the Waterman League encourages any remaining athletes wishing to take part in the Trials for the Stand Up World Tour Finals to email your entry to: entry@watermanleague.com.

For more information visit standupworldtour.com.